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Summer time in the South can get awfully hot. Coupled with high humidity, any homeowner is grateful for a reliable cooling system!. And in the wintertime, every single one of us can see the value of heating that works on demand and keeps our family comfortable and warm. The thing is, and HVAC system doesn’t work by magic. It’s an intricate balance of machinery and air handling that needs regular and proper maintenance to continue efficient and effective heating and cooling.


Professional services

Every residential homeowner and business person should use a professional contractor to do full-service repair and maintenance on their heating and cooling system. You can’t focus entirely on the cost of paying one of these technicians to come out and service your system. The bigger picture analysis would show you that a complete cleaning of your air handlers alone will extend the life of your equipment and could substantially lower the annual operating expense of the system. This is because HVAC systems circulate air, and air is full of dust and debris that gets removed in the process. But it only gets removed from your living spaces, not the air handlers themselves.

And when it gets trapped inside your ducts, they begin to restrict that airflow, sometimes even leading to the development of mold spores that could be potentially harmful to your family or employees. You need a professional to come in regularly and restore that airflow and make sure all the services remain clean, free of both mold and mildew.. A qualified technician can also make sure that the systems capacity is a precise match for the load requirements throughout the building.

And repairs are sometimes necessary. It’s part of a continuous investment in any system, in the long run benefits outweigh the short-term cost. Everyone’s frustrated when the system stops heating or cooling, but when it stops circulating healthy air, it can be a silent threat to your safety. Do your research to find a contractor with great experience and a solid reputation. We recommend an HVAC contractor in Apex NC who understands the importance of the entire system. And make sure that they have the capability to put you on a regular schedule of maintenance. This will pay big dividends over time!. Certification by NATE is also a solid plus, because advanced diagnostics is sometimes necessary when you have a breakdown whose source is not readily understood. No one wanted HVAC system that crashes hard at the worst possible time. For that reason, forge a long-term relationship with someone who also offers 24 hour emergency service.

Even with regular maintenance, breakdowns do occur, and often at times where extreme temperatures are stressing vulnerable parts. It’s good to know that someone will do everything they can to get to you right away. Ask any HVAC firm that you are considering to show you what’s on the checklist used by their service technicians when they do routine maintenance. You’ll want to make sure that they can calibrate the equipment based on manufacturer specifications. And not just one manufacturer! Make sure they have a great deal of experience with your make and model of system.

You may also find that regular maintenance will keep you within warranty compliance. Many don’t think of this, but increasingly, manufacturers are requiring system owners to step up to the plate with routine cleaning and repair. When you begin to add all of these factors together, it makes the expense of a seasonal visit seemed pretty small.

Replacement Systems

Eventually, even well-maintained HVAC systems must be replaced. Compared to allowing your equipment to age poorly, become obsolete and break down prone, a maintenance schedule can be a far less expensive option. This doesn’t even take into consideration how dangerous it can be to have on service AC or furnace systems in your home. Fires can start while your loved ones are asleep, and poorly maintained equipment is usually the culprit.