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Natural Solutions for Pest Removal

Not all bugs need to be chased out of the house and garden or outright killed with poisonous chemicals. There are some natural pest removal techniques that homeowners can utilize that are much safer for them and many times more efficient than utilizing hazardous chemicals.

Garden weed and pest control

Weeding is one of the most reliable approaches for reducing insects in the garden. It doesn’t just provide fewer places to conceal, however it removes a valuable food source for bugs and makes the plants in the garden less attractive to them.

Coffee and other strong-smelling products can be positioned in the garden, on top of the soil or in your home on countertops to chase away insects. The strong odor repels them, and it is best for eliminating bugs from a property without needing to injure them.

Citronella is a strong-smelling item that is ideal for getting rid of mosquitos. For those who don’t want to utilize straight citronella because of how strong it is, they can use Thai lemongrass or something comparable which contains that same active ingredient. This oil can be put on windows, counter tops and on plants to keep mosquitos away from where the people have the tendency to be.

It is also a great idea to remove water sources, such as open buckets of water, troughs, ditches that fill with water and other places where water might pool or gather. These make it much harder for insects to populate, particularly mosquitoes. Insect control in Greenville, SC does not constantly have to have to do with killing bugs outright. Often, there are more gentle methods to handle the problem, which can be more suitable for those who don’t wish to harm animals, no matter how small or for those who do not wish to deal with the offer bodies of insects and other insects that chemicals can leave behind.

Utilizing natural pest control methods is likewise safer for the environment and for the house owners. It leaves less toxic chemicals and makes for a safer environment for kids and pets to take pleasure in.

House owners can check with the specialists at pest control in Greenville SC and comparable websites to see what natural pest control methods they advise. There are different ways to handle every type of bug, and not all them need to be toxic or lethal.

Is Your HVAC System in Peak Condition?

Summer time in the South can get awfully hot. Coupled with high humidity, any homeowner is grateful for a reliable cooling system!. And in the wintertime, every single one of us can see the value of heating that works on demand and keeps our family comfortable and warm. The thing is, and HVAC system doesn’t work by magic. It’s an intricate balance of machinery and air handling that needs regular and proper maintenance to continue efficient and effective heating and cooling.


Professional services

Every residential homeowner and business person should use a professional contractor to do full-service repair and maintenance on their heating and cooling system. You can’t focus entirely on the cost of paying one of these technicians to come out and service your system. The bigger picture analysis would show you that a complete cleaning of your air handlers alone will extend the life of your equipment and could substantially lower the annual operating expense of the system. This is because HVAC systems circulate air, and air is full of dust and debris that gets removed in the process. But it only gets removed from your living spaces, not the air handlers themselves.

And when it gets trapped inside your ducts, they begin to restrict that airflow, sometimes even leading to the development of mold spores that could be potentially harmful to your family or employees. You need a professional to come in regularly and restore that airflow and make sure all the services remain clean, free of both mold and mildew.. A qualified technician can also make sure that the systems capacity is a precise match for the load requirements throughout the building.

And repairs are sometimes necessary. It’s part of a continuous investment in any system, in the long run benefits outweigh the short-term cost. Everyone’s frustrated when the system stops heating or cooling, but when it stops circulating healthy air, it can be a silent threat to your safety. Do your research to find a contractor with great experience and a solid reputation. We recommend an HVAC contractor in Apex NC who understands the importance of the entire system. And make sure that they have the capability to put you on a regular schedule of maintenance. This will pay big dividends over time!. Certification by NATE is also a solid plus, because advanced diagnostics is sometimes necessary when you have a breakdown whose source is not readily understood. No one wanted HVAC system that crashes hard at the worst possible time. For that reason, forge a long-term relationship with someone who also offers 24 hour emergency service.

Even with regular maintenance, breakdowns do occur, and often at times where extreme temperatures are stressing vulnerable parts. It’s good to know that someone will do everything they can to get to you right away. Ask any HVAC firm that you are considering to show you what’s on the checklist used by their service technicians when they do routine maintenance. You’ll want to make sure that they can calibrate the equipment based on manufacturer specifications. And not just one manufacturer! Make sure they have a great deal of experience with your make and model of system.

You may also find that regular maintenance will keep you within warranty compliance. Many don’t think of this, but increasingly, manufacturers are requiring system owners to step up to the plate with routine cleaning and repair. When you begin to add all of these factors together, it makes the expense of a seasonal visit seemed pretty small.

Replacement Systems

Eventually, even well-maintained HVAC systems must be replaced. Compared to allowing your equipment to age poorly, become obsolete and break down prone, a maintenance schedule can be a far less expensive option. This doesn’t even take into consideration how dangerous it can be to have on service AC or furnace systems in your home. Fires can start while your loved ones are asleep, and poorly maintained equipment is usually the culprit.

Join PIPCA in Supporting Laws for the Prevention of International Parental Child Abduction in Every State

Please consider donating to PIPCA so that we can continue the important work of saving children from international abduction.  Thank you.


Prevent International Parental Child Abduction (PIPCA) was formed by Teresa J. Lauderdale, Cathy Brown, and Nina Lauderdale to help protect children from international parental child abduction, and to increase awareness of the tragedy of international abduction and of preventive measures that can be ordered by a Court when a child is at risk of abduction. PIPCA can assist in arranging training, expert testimony, mediation, and providing general advice on this issue.

We also offer neutral off-site Supervised Visitation and Monitored Exchanges services in the Richmond, VA area for a variety of types of cases (not necessarily abduction risk).

For more information on PIPCA, see tabs at the top of this page.

Laws Enacted to Prevent International Parental Child Abduction


In 2003, Texas enacted landmark legislation, the Prevention of International Parental Child Abduction Act, which was added to Chapter 153 of the Texas Family Code (as Subsections 153.501-153.503).  The Act, HB1899, was introduced in the Texas Legislature at the request of Cathy Brown and Teresa Lauderdale, who drafted the legislation.  It passed both chambers unanimously, and was signed into law by the Governor.

“This legislation will give our courts the tools they need to prevent children from being abducted into foreign countries where they are out of the reach of our laws.  No child should be forcibly separated from their mother or father, and the courts must step in to protect that child whenever there is a flight risk, especially into nations that do not cooperate with our courts.” Senator Nelson said.  “International child abduction is not only devastating to the child and parent, it creates an enormous financial burden both for the parent and for the government to recover and return the missing child.”

Without the safeguards in HB 1899, a parent had no means to protect their child even if they knew an abduction was about to take place or was in progress. There are a number of cases where parents pleaded for safeguards from Courts unsuccessfully; the children were then abducted, never to be heard from again.  This Act will increase awareness in the Texas courts regarding the risks, obstacles to recovery, and safeguards needed to protect at-risk children.  We encourage all other States to pass similar legislation.  See TX Family Code under CHAPTER 153. CONSERVATORSHIP, POSSESSION, AND ACCESS:



See California Family Code, Section 3048.  Also see Child Abduction Prevention Order Attachment.


Commissioners from Texas then took the code to the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws , who then developed a Model Child Abduction Prevention Act.  Teresa Lauderdale participated as an official Observer throughout the process.  For a copy of the model act, and an update on States that have passed this legislation, see the Uniform Law Commission’s website.

Some states have modified the language somewhat to further protect victims of domestic violence.


**********Important Prevention Tool Involving Non-U.S. Citizens**********

The Prevent Departure program started after 9/11/01 and has been gaining more utilization over time.  The Department of Homeland Security/Customs and Border Protection oversees this program, and it is monitored 24-hrs a day.  Information provided by the State Department which details the Prevent Departure program is shown below.  To see if your case qualifies for Prevent Departure, please contact the State Department’s Office of Children’s Issues via email at [email protected] with your questions.  If your situation is an emergency and you require immediate assistance, please call 1-888-407-4747.  See the State Department’s website for more information about preventing international parental child abduction.  Also see information about the Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program.

Prevent Departure


The DHS Prevent Departure Program, created to stop non-U.S. citizens from departing the country, may be an effective tool to stop an abduction in progress.  The program only applies to aliens; it is not available to stop U.S. citizens or dual U.S./foreign citizens from leaving the country.  There are certain legal restrictions that must be met.  For instance, the request must come only from a designated law enforcement agency or the State Department’s Office of Children’s Issues (not parents).  It may take up to 2 days to be added to the alert list, although urgent cases may be handled much faster (in a few hours) on request.  If the abductor and child are identified, they may be denied boarding.


The purpose of the prevent departure program is to ensure that no alien shall depart, or attempt to depart, from the United States if his departure would be prejudicial to the interests of the United States.  Authority to prevent departure from the U.S. of persons whose departure would be prejudicial to the national interests is contained in 8 USC 1185(a) and 8 CFR 215.3.  The specific reasons for prevention of departure and the rules for the conduct of proceedings are detailed in those sections and in 22 CFR 46.

The objective of the Prevent Departure Program is to provide an immediate capability to intercept known or suspected terrorists, criminals and other wanted individuals through an effective method for disseminating prevent departure information to the transportation industry.  This roster has included cases of potential international kidnappings by non-custodial parents as well.  The immediate goal is to effectively and efficiently provide all air, land and maritime conveyances a single point of contact at Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and provide a single, comprehensive prevent departure lookout database of prevent departure subjects for whom the United States suspects of imminent or immediate departure to foreign countries.


At the time of this writing, requirements of the program are as follows:

  1. Subject may NOT be a US citizen;
  2. The nomination must include a law enforcement agency contact with 24/7 coverage;
  3. There must be a court order showing which parent has been awarded custody or shows that the subject is restrained from removing his/her minor child from certain counties, the state or the U.S.;
  4. The Subject must be in the US; and
  5. There must be some likelihood that the Subject will attempt to depart in the immediate future.